Live Shows

Come see us live without a net when we visit a city near you. Or, thanks to the marvels of air travel, it doesn’t even have to be all that near.

Upcoming Events

Seattle, WA
24 January, 2024 Paramount Theatre
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Portland, OR
25 January, 2024 Revolution Hall
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SF Sketchfest
26 January, 2024 SF Sketchfest
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Previous Events

Atlanta, GA
September 9, 2023 Atlanta Symphony Hall
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Orlando, FL
September 8, 2023 Steinmetz Hall
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Nashville, TN
September 6, 2023 Schermerhorn Symphony Center
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Toronto, ON
May 6, 2023 Massey Hall
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Medford, MA
May 5, 2023 The Chevalier
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Washington, DC
May 4, 2023 Warner Theater
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